How to Build Adjustable Jack Stands

I spent some time looking for adjustable jack stands but it seems everything out there is incremental. These worked for supporting a car during maintenance but when doing things like cutting out sections of uni-body frames, I needed stands which could be more finely adjusted.

These stands are pretty simple and the pictures tell the story best. Keep in mind, these will hold weight and the proper precautions need to taken. If you do not know what these are and are not proficient to create these safely, I recommend not doing it. I’m only sharing knowledge, not responsibility. You get killed, injured, or destroy personal property, its all on you.


  • 1.5″ Threaded rod with nut and lock nut
  • 1 7/8″ Tubing with 1/8″ wall, 8″ long
  • 1 1/2″ x 1/2″ plate cut with 45 degrees, 7″ on the long side for legs
  • 2 1/2″ rod cut in 1/2 thickness for feet
  • 4″ square for top plate with same tubing cut to 2″


  • Use a lathe to square up tubing after cut. This gives a nice, even seat for the nut and allows stand to sit squarely on floor.
  • Use magnets to hold legs and tack them in all in place before welding.
  • Use three legs to eliminate wobbling.
  • Machine a small recess in the bottom of the nut to fit the tube snug. This will center nut and hold it in place while welding.
  • A variety of tops can be made such as ones with a built-in clamp or a V for holding pipe.


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